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R e a l E y e s ,   R e a l i z e ,  R e a l   l i e s . . .

UPDATE: To meet the demands of competitors notified late of the existence of the competition, we have decided to extend the opening of the platform for registration and for sending the works online until Tuesday, June 18 at 1 p.m. Thank you all for your great participation !

Particolare da "Francesca Martini" opera di Andrea Capanna
A detail of “Francesca Martini” work by Andrea Capanna

Nana Onlus is a non-profit organization created in the loving memory of Francesca Martini, a highly gifted girl whose 14 years of life were characterised by her unique social attitude, genuine initiative, depth of thought and originality.

On its third anniversary, Nana Onlus launches RealEyes, an Art Competition where creativity and generosity come together and the artists with their art are called to play the leading role in a wider project – a charity auction, which aims at funding the research project on myeloid leukemia “Le Cellule di Francesca” (Francesca’s Cells).

There are 3 categories: 1. Independent Artists; 2. Art Universities; 3. Art Schools. Participation of economically, socially and/or physically disadvantaged artists is encouraged.

Requirements: Artists are asked to submit artworks inspired by the joy of life, curiosity, the power of dreams and the desire to experiment.The competition is open to all forms of visual artistic expression.

To participate, please fill in the registration form with your data, the category you belong to (Indipendent, Art University, Art school) and what format you will be presenting your artwork (video or photo) to the selection panel. Once you send the form, you will receive an e-mail with a reference number to be used for the presentation of your work online before the deadline of June 15, 2019. Please do not send the actual artwork or printed matter.

Following is the selection panel which will chose 9 artworks, 3 for each category of the competition.

Pio Baldi, academy administrator, Accademia Nazionale di S. Luca, Rome

Andrea Capanna, artist, Rome

Lia Frassinetiillustrator and editorial coordinator, Rome

Paola Potena, director and partner of Galleria Lia Rumma, Milan / Naples

Maria Letizia Terrinoniart historian, Rome

Winners will be informed by June 30, 2019.

The original artworks will have to be received by Nana Onlus by July 20, 2019.

A token contribution of €150,00 will be made to each of the winning artists. Their works will be exhibited in various locations in Italy including Rome, Milan, Gaeta, Ansedonia and their journey will end in November in Turin at the Vivaldi Auditorium of the National Library in Piazza Carlo Alberto. In addition, the works will be featured in hardcopy and online catalogs edited by relevant art critics presenting artists and their work.

Without prejudice to the protection of the author’s moral right regarding the authorship of the work and its integrity, with the participation in the competition the Artist undertakes, in the event of winning and accepting the prize, to donate the work to the Association Nana Onlus transferring the relative patrimonial rights as well as the image rights related to the sale and / or reproduction of the work by any means for the pursuit of the statutory purposes. The donation of the work will be formalized by a specific act following the appointment of the winners of the competition.

To participate you have to fill in the registration form below. Once enrolled you will receive an e-mail with a reference number to be used for the presentation of your work in video or photo format.
Deadline for the online submission of the works is June 15, 2019.

Art UniversitiesArt SchoolsIndependent Artists

We would like to let you know how we will keep your data, for how long and for what purposes. You can view them at any time and request their cancellation.

For further information, please, write to: