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For the first time, the Research Project “Francesca‘s Cells” – a molecular characterisation of acute leukaemia – has been announced in this brochure distributed at the Treasure hunt “La Nave di Nana” on Serapo Beach, July 7th, 2018.

The project stems from a collaboration between the late Prof. Francesco Lo Coco and Prof. Maria Teresa Voso, who coordinates the UOC Enhanced Diagnostic Oncoematologica  of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Prof. Gennaro Ciliberto, Scientific Director of the Institute Regina Elena of Rome, where the cells are hosted.

What we do

NAnA Music – Scholarships for young rock musicians stems from an idea of NAnA Onlus and Frontiers Music.
The aim is to offer an alternative path to young students from disadvantaged backgrounds from the age 15 to 18.
Winners register to the Corso PRO at SONUS FACTORY – Music Performance Institute – Rome and  obtain a certificate from Rockschool Uk – Europe’s No.1 Rock music exam board.
Fellowships are for one year renewable up to a maximum of 3. The final Diploma is recognised as level 3 by the European Union standards.
Young musicians may chose among Guitar – Bass – Drums – Vocals – Piano.
E-mail us if you want to audition for NAnA Music.

Bando Nana Music 2019

Highlight, What we do

The third edition of La Nave di NAnA is now completed. Everyone was enthusiastically involved in fundraising for leukemia research, proving once again that La Nave di NAnA is a real family!

Enrolled: 101 children and young people

Funds collected: € 1492


La Nave di Nana

What we do

The third edition of Francesca Martini Prize to the Best Poster in Cancer Research was won by Valeria Rosato for her poster “miR-27a-3p is a master regulator of metabolic reprogramming in colorectal cancer“. Valeria graduated from the University of Sannio in Benevento where she currently holds a PhD in Environmental and Health Sciences and Technologies. Here is her C.v.

The Francesca Martini Prize stems from a collaboration between NAnA onlus and SIBBM, the Italian Society of Biophysics and Molecular Biology. An International Jury of Scientists choses the best poster among those exhibited at the Annual SIBBM Seminar.

The 2018 “Frontiers in Molecular Biology” SIBBM Seminar took place from 20 to 22 June in Rome.

Francesca Martini Prize to the Best Poster in Cancer Research


2016 Stefano Amente of the University Federico II of Naples for the poster “High-resolution genome profiles of 8-oxodeoxyguanine, γH2AX and NBS1 reveal their co-association at transcribed long genes“. For more information, click here.
2017 Davide Cassani for his poster Cryo electron tomography of actomyosin cortex in isolated blebs“. Here is his C.v.