About us

NAnA ETS is a non-profit organisation created to the loving memory of Francesca Martini, a highly gifted girl whose 14 years of life have been characterised by her unique social attitude, genuine initiative, depth of thought and originality.

NAnA ETS actively supports the promotion of scientific research aimed at the prevention and treatment of cancer, in particular leukemia.

The Association promotes education for students of all grades by fostering creative cultural and educational activities for disadvantaged children and contributing to spreading culture among students and their families.
It is now possible to donate the 5 per 1000 to NAnA ETS in your tax return. Just enter NAnA ETS and our tax code 97878720586 in the appropriate space of your declaration “ SOSTEGNO DEGLI ENTI DEL TERZO SETTORE ISCRITTI NEL RUNTS”.

To contribute, please, click on PAYPAL and donate to nanaonlus88@gmail.com or wire money to NANA ONLUS – IBAN IT95F 03211 00000 2414714 SWIFT CODE BPMOIT22XXX –

To have a receipt, please send an e-mail to nanaonlus88@gmail.com and clearly indicate the amount of the donation, your name, mail and e-mail address and yours or your company taxpayer number.
  • From June 10th 2016 NAnA ETS has been included in the Registry Of Non-Profit Organizations Of The Italian Revenue Agency.
  • On August 5th 2022 NAnA Onlus has been listed in the Italian National Register of the Third Sector (RUNTS) established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies where the existence of an entity of the Third Sector (ETS) and information on its structure and activity are provided. IMG_5757

For additional info, please, visit us on Facebook or write to nanaonlus88@gmail.com