About us

NAnA ETS intends to carry on the intellectual and spiritual legacy of Francesca Martini, a person who, in her 14 years of life, demonstrated such depth of purpose, originality and human qualities as to leave a distinctive and unique mark in the memory of all those who knew her.

In pursuit of this goal, NAnA ETS actively supports scientific research aiming at the prevention and treatment of cancer, particularly leukaemia. Francesca‘s family has preserved her cells, in the hope of one day being able to understand the genetic causes of the acute myeloid leukaemia that struck her and thus avoid such a painful experience for other families.

Francesca‘s passion for singing and electric guitar continues in NAnA Music the scholarships for teenagers and disadvantaged young people who can access a rock and pop music study path recognised by the Rock School in London, at the Sonus Factory in Rome, in collaboration with Frontiers Music in Naples.

NAnA ETS is a Third Sector Organisation registered in the Italian National Register of the Third Sector (RUNTS) since 5 August 2022.

More information on Facebook Nana ETS or by email at nanaonlus88@gmail.com