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Francesca Martini Prize for best poster in cancer research

Francesca Martini Prize for best poster in cancer research is a result of a collaboration of NAnA Onlus with the Italian Society for Biophysics and Molecular Biology (SIBBM). An International Jury of Scientists evaluate the best poster among those exhibited at the SIBBM Annual Workshop, which is entitled  “Frontiers in Molecular Biology”.

Because of Covid 19, in 2020 the prize fifth edition was postponed to 2021.

Winners of the past editions

2021 Erica Pranzini University of Florence for her poster “Mitochondrial serine metabolism mediates 5-fluorouracil resistance in colorectal cancer by fueling nucleotide biosynthesis and supporting DNA damage response“. More details here.
2019 Emanuele Monteleone University of Turin for his poster “STAT3-dependent pluripotency control via the stam-cells specific long non-coding RNA LincS1“. More details here.
2018  Valeria Rosato University of Sannio at Benevento for her poster “miR-27a-3p is a master regulator of metabolic reprogramming in colorectal cancer“. More details here.
2017  Davide Cassani  University College London for his poster “Cryo electron tomography of actomyosin cortex in isolated blebs“. More details here.
2016  Stefano Amente University of Naples Federico II for his poster “High-resolution genome profiles of 8-oxodeoxyguanine, γH2AX and NBS1 reveal their co-association at transcribed long genes“. More details here.



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