Following are the 12 works selected at the  2019 RealEYES art competition organized with the aim of combining creativity and solidarity to raise funds for the project Le Cellule di Francesca. (Francesca’s cells)

The 2019 jury includes: Pio Baldi, National Academy of San Luca, Rome; Andrea Capanna, artist, Rome; Lia Frassineti, illustrator, Rome; Paola Potena, Lia Rumma Gallery, Milan / Naples; Maria Letizia Terrinoni, art historian, Rome.

The first RealEYES exhibition opened in Ansedonia (GR) Friday 26 July continued in several venues around Italy and ended up in former Church of San Carpoforo, in Brera, Milan. Click here for the entire Schedule.

The works are part of a charity auction. We thank the jury and the artists for their generous contribution to the project “Le Cellule di Francesca“.

The winners of 2019 RealEYES Art Competition

Art works donated to the project RealEYES 2019

Not just Genetics

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