tMN2023 Abstract Submission

Please fill all fields and upload a .doc/.docx file following the guidelines explained below

Abstracts guidelines:

  1. Title. The title must start in uppercase and continue in lowercase, except for conventional terms (ATP, DNA, NFκB, etc). Example:
    This title is written correctly
    This Title is Not Properly Written
  2. Authors. Presenting author name and surname are in full; for any other author(s) use initial(s) for the first name(s) followed by the surname. Don’t use “and” before the last author. If more than one affiliation (but only in that case), use sequential superscript numbers to identify each institution. Example:
    Gabriele Lo Iudice1, E. De Bellis2, A. Savi1,2
    1SAFU Unit, IRCCS Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, Rome, Italy
    2Department of Onco‑Hematology, Policlinico Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy
  3. Abstract text. Keep the abstract text to within 2000 characters, spaces included (which is roughly equivalent to 250 words). For your text use CALIBRI font 12, line spacing 1.
  4. Bibliography is not included in the word count. Please, use Elsevier Harvard style. Examples:
    Campisi, J., Kapahi, P., Lithgow, G.J., Melov, S., Newman, J.C., Verdin, E., 2019. From discoveries in ageing research to therapeutics for healthy ageing. Nature 571, 183–192., S., Tchkonia, T., Kirkland, J.L., 2022. Cellular senescence and senolytics: the path to the clinic. Nat Med 28, 1556–1568.